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A tool for professional decicion makers

Strategy is part of Your duty? Then You need a tool, which helps visualizing strategic thinking. Without the right diagram it is hard and often impossible to convince someone of theoretical strategic insights. You will need charts as easy as possible with nothing left to omit without losing the point. But for show and in talks with the bank You will need diagrams with perfect look. You get both with meineZIELE.

And You need a tool for practical implementation. In mZ it´s just two mouseclicks from insight to action.

Example: Profiles

Ratingdiagramm für Stärken/Schwächen AnalyseWhich of Your skills are better than Your competitors´? Every kind of positioning strategy requires deep insight in Your weaknesses and strengthes. mZ helps with sophisticated profiles.

You need profiles for personal strategy as much as for groundbreaking product and marketing decisions.

Example: Portfolio

Ansoff-DiagrammA Portfolio-Diagram shows, where You stand with Your products. It helps with clarifying position and development of products, markets and target groups.

Portfolio-Diagrams allow for high information density in several dimensions. Sometimes they are clarifying thought like windscreen wipers would do with sight.

Portfolio-charts are perfect for observing market trends. 

Ansoff-DiagrammmZ portfolio diagrams are not limited to BCG portfolio strategy or Igor Ansoffs growth vector components (Ansoff-Matrix)





Kano-DiagrammKano-Diagrams  for product development are a kind of portfolio diagrams too. They show three strategic important starting points for higher customer acceptance.



Portfolio-Entwicklung beobachtenStrategy is often mixed up with "long-term". This is by good cause and is embodied in some strategic tools. Strategic impact in past and future ist visualized impressively with "Portfolio-evolution"

Example: Profile matrix

MehrwertanalyseWhat makes a customer buy?
And what does stop him?

Strengthes and weaknesses and their importance visualized in a nutshell.

A Profil matrix demonstrates convincingly, where to move next strategically perfect. A customer value matrix or a value added analysis help You visualizing a winning margin.

Example: Team-Evolution

Radar MethodHow to fast and effectively form a team from a random group? How to unleash the forces of this team?





Radar-MethodAn excellent tool for this is the Radar-Method (after Helmut Clemm), the systematic development visualized by special spider diagrams. Coming with a built in voting system and abundant variety of disign options it provides everything You might ever need for team development or analyzing competitive factors.

Example: Competitive factors

Wettbewerbsfaktoren: Vorsprung-AnalyseWhere is the winning edge?

Observing competitive factors or the display of relative strengths are powerful tools for strategic considerations.

With a strategy, driven by a winning margin, You will secure a solid market position for Your company. 


meineZIELE macht sie erfolgreicher!From insight to action

There is one thing, all strategic decisions have in common:

Strategy is useful only if You bring it to work with concrete goles an tasks und if You are going to tackle them one by one. With this mZ is unbeatable.

And if You are a strategy consultant: Make use of meineZIELE in Your consulting business. Add power to Your expertise and empower Your customers with ever better advice.

meineZiele StrategieHow to get started:

If You read German, then just order the mZ Pro including the course material. But You will find out: mZ has a comprehensive online manual and it comes with a lot of example files. This